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 Matt D's father passes away

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Matt D's father passes away Empty
PostSubject: Matt D's father passes away   Matt D's father passes away I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 7:05 am

[color=violet]Anyone that knows Matt can consider themselves lucky - one of the good guys in our lives. His father had passed away and[ your thoughts and prayers for him and his family are sure to be apreciated. Below is a post copied from ECDG forum by Matt.

It's funny, when I was getting ready for work this morning I heard him talking to himself in his sleep. Looking back at it, I now think he was talking to some long dead relative, letting them know that he'd be up soon to see them. I now wish I'd listened closer to that conversation.

I went to work. Got there at 7:30am. Got a call from my Mom at 8:30. She was crying hard while she said, "Matt, I need you now, I think your Dad just died."

I rushed home, calling her on the way. She said the ambulance was here and they were going to rush him to Santa Rosa Med Center. I got to the hospital and found Mom in a little room off the E.R. just crying her eyes out. They took us back within five minutes to see him, but he was gone.

If I live a million years, I'll never see or hear anything sadder than my Mom holding his hand crying out that it should have been her, She was supposed to go first.

Ah damn, this just sucks! I feel SO bad for her. They were married for 40 years.
Now that's a romance. I can't count the times today she has said, "I just can't believe it."

He was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis just a couple weeks ago. It's a disease where the lung tissue hardens up and builds up scar tissue making it hard to breath. You just can't get a deep enough breath. Constantly short of breath with no energy left.

His doctors were working on a plan of medication and whatever else. I googled Pulmonary Fibrosis, it said it primarily strikes those 50 - 70 years old and has an average life expectancy of 5 to 7 years.

5 to 7 years? Heck, he didn't make it 3 weeks.

She said he got up, hit the bathroom, then ate his 24 miniature frosted wheat biscuits for breakfast. When he went to stand he had to lean against the wall. Mom went and got his wheelchair we had from when he blew his knee out a couple years ago, and wheeled him back to bed. He got in bed and said the pain was getting worse. She said, "That's it, I'm calling 911." By the time she made it back to the bedroom he was gone. Just like that.

Mom's a retired nurse so she immediately started cpr compression's.
She kept 'em up until the ambulance crew got here, but it was just too late.

We've got family flying in from hither and yon. My Mom's Sister, Cecilia, was driven up from Inverness, FL today by one of my cousin's kids. At least her Sister is here. That makes me feel a little better. My oldest Brother is the executor. He's driving over from Houston, TX tonight.

If you've got any compassionate vibes or prayers to send our way. We'd really appreciate them.

God, I loved that Man. He was old school, "John Wayne" tough. He was a journeyman lineman for 30 years. He erected the high tension electrical towers you see strung out all over the country. Then he strung the lines and powered those mothers up.

Those towers you see are built to be climbed by a man of average height, (6 feet.)
Dad was 5' 6", so it was always more of a challenge for him. He never griped about it, though. I only know the bit about them being built for a taller man because I heard him mention it in passing one day to a friend.

He had huge arms and legs built from a lifetime of hard work. He was a great Husband to my Mom and a great Father to me. I'm so glad she found him. Her first two husbands were abusive, alcoholic jerks. He married my Mom when I was 5, but waited until I was 10 and could understand the question, before he asked me if I wanted him to adopt me so that I could share his last name.

I did and that's how I went from being an Ochs to being a Davenport.

My Dad was 77.

I love you Dad and will miss you always.

Love, your Son, Matt.
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Matt D's father passes away
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